Travel Dates

      These are constantly being updated, and if I’m in your area and you’d like to have me photograph your wedding or adventure session, shoot me a message (no travel costs, y’all)! A lot of intimate weddings and elopements are booked on shorter notice than a more traditional wedding, so don’t be afraid to reach out!


      January 27th – Oregon Coast

      March 3rd-10th – Oregon Coast

      March 17th – Bend, OR

      March 25th – Coastal Redwoods, CA

      June 30th – Portland, OR

      Mid-July – Banff, Canada / Glacier National Park, MT

      July 20th – Bend, OR

      July 29th – Silver Falls, OR

      August 3rd-5th – Portland, OR

      August 9-14th – Maui/Kauai, HI

      August 24th-27th – Glacier National Park, MT

      September 8th – Corvallis, OR

      September 15th – Roseburg, OR

      September 27th-October 2nd – Mt. Whitney/Yosemite, CA area

      October 7th – Portland, OR

      November 2nd-9th – Kauai, HI