Hello, bonjour, buongiorno, hola! I’m Sam, a Pacific Northwest based intimate wedding and elopement photographer who loves to help you navigate the stressful aspects of planning an adventurous wedding (national park venues, camping, other lodging, permits, you name it!). I’m also there to capture those perfect little unposed moments. Ones that really reflect you as a couple.

          Does your idea of a great time include those Pacific Northwest mountaintop views, oceanside romance, and windblown hair? Do you want to trek into the wild with a few close friends to celebrate your love? Do places like Yosemite or Glacier National Park, the Redwoods, and the Olympic National Forest speak to your soul? Are you up for a destination elopement that may be in a place like Iceland, Scotland, Greece or Patagonia? You’re not the only one, and you can have that for your wedding.

          Your wedding and marriage should represent you as a couple, and if that means you want to elope to the national park you love the most or have an intimate wedding on the Oregon coast, I’ll be there to capture it. My brides and grooms are full of adventure, so why should their photographer be any different? It’s high time for another adventure, what do you say?

          Some 2018 Destinations: Hawaii, Yosemite, The Redwoods, Oregon, California, Washington, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park


          FEATURED IN

          I’m so lucky to be featured in several publications. Feel free to click on the images to go to the links. I hope you’ll be inspired and incorporate something you see into your own wedding!